Speak English Now or Never!

ECC English Class 2020

As the officer, we are agreed that the best way to improve our skill in English is by practicing consistently and having conversation together with ECC member. ECC provide a project that help us to have practice in order to improve our English skills. It is English Class. English Class is a routine practice which held every Tuesday and Thursday. In Tuesday, we commonly discuss about Speech, Essay Writing, and Grammar. In Thursday, we practice english debating in order to face every year competition, NUDC ( National University Debating Championship). So, this project is actually helpful for you who want to improve your English Skills.We are proudly said that English Class has a lot of beneficial thing. They are improving skills, having a direct English conversation with others and having a new experience of practcing. The first beneficial thing is that improving skills. What we really means about improving skills is that English Class willhelp us to learn more and implement it in the way of simulation. For example if we like to improve our skill in speech then all we do are giving a matters and speech simulation. We provide a proper strategies about how to speech confidently, how to perform attractively and many more. The second beneficial is that you have a daily conversation with ECC member. It means that you will routinely having a conversation in English so that it could be wonted. You won’t again feel inferior to have an english conversation because it becomes your habit. The last benefit to join this English Class is that, you will have a new experience in english practicing. We provide a lot of new method of learning English. A fun learning method is always implemented well here. One of method is that a Jigsaw Reading. Are you curious about that? Let’s join us!Practicing delightfully is one of our service here. We can meet a lot of friends and having practice together with them. There are a lot of beneficial that we can have in English Class. So what are you waiting for? Join us! And feel the atmosphere!!! See you at the next ENGLISH CLASS.