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English Gathering 2019

English Gathering is an activity organized by English Conversation Club (ECC) UNISBANK with the aim of recruiting candidates for management in the next period. This activity, prospective managers are expected to be more competent in their fields and can continue to develop their potential for a better to the next period of ECC’S officer. The importance of regeneration in organizations is the basic reason why this activity needs every year.
This event, the candidates of ECC’s officer in the next period were trained in various fields. In the first session, candidates for management are required to be able to do speech correctly. Not only that, but also prospective administrators were given material about the structure in speech that was guided directly by Mr.Teguh, a lecturer at FBIB Stikubank University (UNISBANK) Semarang. The material presented includes the correct sentence structure when doing speech, tips and tricks when we have to do speech in public.
Second session, the candidates of ECC’s officer were given an understanding of how to arrange grammer correctly. This is done by dividing the candidates into several groups of administrators and then given a text whose contents are read by the wrong grammer. After that they have to correct the text and explain the proper arrangement of the grammer.
Third session, it was the hardest session. In addition to their supportive English skills, general knowledge and sensitivity to social problems are a challenge for them. This session, the candidates of ECC’s officer are required to be able to conduct debates and learn the systematic debate in the competition. In this implementation, the candidates of ECC’s officer were divided into pro and contra groups by choosing one motion that had been determined by the committee. After the pro or contra groups explained their opinions regarding the motions given and at the end of this session, the moderator gave a conclusion on each group.
Not only gave the material in this activity for the sake of bonding with fellow administrators, but also there are various other activities such as outbound, games: “WHO AM I?” And other entertainment. The candidates of ECC’s officer show their talents in this entertainment program. They have talents such as dancing, singing, and others.
This activity was held for two days and one night at one of the Bandungan villas. It is expected that from this activity, the prospective management already has enough stock to become an ECC’s officer in the next period. In addition, hopefully this activity can provide memories of ECC’s officer in the next period and this is the first step in establishing cooperation among their management.
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The Togetherness among us
Giving an Honor to Mr. Teguh as a presenter of speech matter. special guest : Mr. Teguh’s wife. 🙏