Speak English Now or Never!


ECC successfully held an event this year. on 29-30 June 2019, ECC Unisbank successfully held a Toefl: "Workshop and Test" which was attended by more than 80 participants from Unisbank students. This event involves the LTC Unisbank. This event was divided into 2 sessions.

On June 29, participants attended training from LTC Unisbank. Where later the material provided was as capital in working on the Toefl test. Enthusiastic participants could be seen from the beginning to the end they still attend the event in an orderly manner.

It started with structure session material, listening sessions, reading sessions, and test simulations before the next day. On Sunday, July 30, participants were ready to receive the Toefl test ready at the committee of ECC and LTC.

The toefl certificate will be used as a graduation requirement, and as a requirement to get a scholarship or to apply for a job. Many parties also supported this event. One of them is LTC who has been willing to work together to make a toefl event: workshop and test and as a material filler.

In the beginning of WR 3 activities, he also opened the Toefl event: workshop and test. The coach of the ECC UKM also accompanied the committee before until after the event. A big appreciation was given by the President and Vice President of BEM Unisbank who attended and enlivened the event.
Hopefully this event can become an annual agenda, and friends agree to get a toefl certificate as a graduation requirement.