Study Banding ECC UNSOED – 2019

     Saturday, 27 April 2019, ECC Unisbank has held a “Study Comparison” with SEF UNSOED. The events has became an annual agenda as the first step for ECC committee to improve their performance for one period.

    This event began with the departure of the ECC administrator from the Unisbank Campus, Mugas. Then after that, arrived at the Unsoed SEF at 12.00 pm . The event continued with the introduction of each member of the ECC Unisbank and SEF Unsoed and an introduction to the work program of each member. After that there was a sharing session where each member of the ECC Unisbank and SEF Unsoed can get closer. The presence of ECC Unisbank was welcomed.

    Because of the time that went on without being felt, our visited at SEF Unsoed had to stop. The end of our event closed with the handover of the souvenir represented by the chairman of ECC Unisbank and Deputy Chairperson of the SEF Unsoed. Because at the time of our visited, the chairperson of SEF Unsoed was carrying out an assignment Offshore.

  The end of the event did not mean the end of our relationship. It was expected that the next event can continue and strengthen brotherhood between collegia.