Speak English Now or Never!


SMK N 5Hi guys! How’s your day?
Today, we would like to tell and show you something about our second project of ECC Unisbank!
Guess what is it?!

Yeah, on Saturday August 23, 2014 we had a project called ECC goes to school. It was a project under our organization, ECC. This project aimed the students from High School to interacted with ECC and shared lot of experiences about English to each other. This event had a theme, about public speaking. Nowadays, in modern era we have to be a multi-talent person. And the one from another skills is we should be a good public speaker. Cause, it will work when you are in society and support your job and you social life. So, ECC had three purposes for this event to shared. First is we shared about how to be a good at speech. We shared to them how to delivery the speech well and confident. Second, they were very enthusiastic to learned how to be News Anchor. As we know in television, a News Anchor also should have good attitude and well at pronounciation and of course interesting in the way they deliver the news. Finally we had the last, that was explanation about TOEFL. They were very enjoy this event. Everybody felt happy and got lot of lessons today. Other side, we, part of ECC, could have interaction to public and shared what we have done and will do for this club.